Licataa 🍷 Raising The Bar One Glass At A Time

It’s been 6 month of  to the exact date, we’ve embarked on this journey of Wine & Spirits! It’s been countless hours, days turn into night and lots of multitasking an trips to Italy an oversees call from the states. ✍🏼

 We’ve set the tone with our partners for the experience, design & ethic Raekwon & I was hand on throughout the entire process.  We are still in the midst from strategic planing implementation but if you know anything about us we are company that excute.  Enjoy the ride because we did not come to play get ready Licataa The New Standard In Wine 🍷

We are introducing our COCKTAILS:

Licataa Peony 🍸

Licataa Gilltein 🍸

Trish 😘

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Founder Rashida Watler

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