With long days an night and keeping up with the boys club it can get a littler vigiourous.

Here at Super Femina dealing with male prodominute client base. Being a woman in the music industry has its difficulties [and] sometimes setbacks. Once you find your space in this industry, focus on being the best version of yourself and dominate! The conversation then no longer becomes a matter of being a woman, it becomes a matter of being the best, and-whether you have a vagina or a penis won’t matter.”

“Finding a balance between newfound success and being a mother. Before I am anything, I am a mom to a beautiful daughter, Hailey who deserves the world! Everything happened so quickly with my first client dominating the industry and the intake of more clients. It was difficult traveling, being in and out of town for meetings, video shoots, awards shows, etc., and my daughter not being by my side.

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It taught me lesson that you don’t have to be every where just on the moments that counts and make perfectly sense.  The best way calling it out, refusing to work with individuals who don’t share our same views, and not tolerating certain behavior. Best of all, dream work make the team work.

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Trish 💋

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