HAUTE MUM’S WORK “Are you a workaholic too“ ?💋

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Yes, I confess “I’m a workaholic” truth be told I do enjoy what I do. It’s tends to come before a lot of engagement between work and life mode. No, I’m not boring, I’m just busy between non stop calls, several meetings and building Super Femina Empire while multi tasking other clients needs want with their brands and negotiating and drafting deals while rolling out different ventures one may feel like their always on the tread mill. My day starts 5:00 am 🕟 when I’m home bound. 20 minutes of affirmation and 10 minutes of to get dress pull the hair back and gym clothes on ready to work out. Luckily, I’m in proximity of my gym “ Life Time” & Cycle Bar literally 5 minutes top.

Front Center

Let’s keep track of time, 5:40 am we have arrived. By 6:40am back home making breakfast and getting my daughter up from school. Mind you calls and emails have started to come in which I’am multi tasking at this point. By 7:00am we are off to school, upon arrival asking my daughter of series of question to make sure we stay straight A student and asking her what company she would like start. Told you I was work aholic with my schedule always manage to pack 1 more thing especially when it come a to my daughter #HJ. Single mum life “ can be exhausting because your doing all things physically by your self. Swear by this organized I have since college I’ve just purchased the inserts every year and when cover gets old I order the same exact one. No, far from a consumer mentality but this what keep me going and shows my progression. With that said keep up, dropping of HJ and now we are heading back home to finish up calls emails and any additional things left over in the kitchen. It’s imperative I clean and might have little OCD love for thing to be neat, clean and order.

I’m still, working no shower yet, have to get through emails and talk with Trish who is my right hand and keeps and picks what needed in handling her portion of calls emails super Femina is lifestyle company that venturing out to new platforms an merch. Our first engagement with one of our clients champion. We have cute crewneck sweaters that are super cute to dress up or down ways to be worn will go up shortly on the site but below on the images don’t you love 💗!

Dad hats

We have to logging off, we are pulling an all nighter like we are 25 Years of age with no obligation. With that’s said “ haute mums do work” #superfemina’s check out on site at SHOP

Heather Grey Champion Crewneck
Rose Kiss Champion Crewneck

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Rashida Watler is Executive Chief Officer Super Femina Entertainment Watler has built a successful career in artist development and has created strategic marketing plans specifically to increase exposure back-to-sales and promote artists throughout the Country. Rashida specializes in executive producing independent and major record deal recordings, budget planning and implementation, artist management, contract negotiations, clearances & licensing, TV and radio promotion, including promotional touring, producing commercials and working on VH1’s Hip Honors. Some of the most recognizable brands in the world have benefitted from the work of SFE or it’s principals including; Coca-Cola, Moet Hennessy Group (LVMH), Belvedere, Ciroc, Polaroid, Salem, Adidas, Heineken, Laundry By Design, Perry Ellis, Pastry, DCH Honda, Nintendo, X-Box, Best Buy, Naked Juice, Hypnotic, Navan, Hennessy, PINK, Alize, Moet, Dove, just to name a few. In addition to designing and executing marketing concepts for consumer brands, have also worked extensively with major media organizations concerning the marketing of events, products, and entertainers including; Universal Recording Group, Sony-BMG Entertainment, Columbia Records, Loud Records, EMI, Viacom, ESPN, Comcast, Clear Channel Communications, Radio One, MTV, VH1 and HBO. Watler’s all-star resume includes working with some of the industries most sought after celebrities like Asap Rocky, Rza, Method, Raekwon, Neyo, Young Jeezy, Ghost face Killah, Wutang Clan, Destiny’s child, Solange and several other notable R&B and Hip-Hop artists. In addition, Watler’s success as editor in Chief of YRB Magazine has helped her launch branding opportunities for various recording artists and super producers like RZA.

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