1# Influencer Marketing – Will continue to grow but there will be fine line between celebrity and influencers.

2#Virtual Assistance – Digital experience of having assistance at your figure tip.

3# Amazon Effect -Emerging platform for digital advertisers.

4# Digital Marketing – has grown and will continue to expand where you are getting marketing in real time.

5# Augmented Reality  (AR) – Alters one current perception of a real world whereas virtual reality replaces the real world environment. Its used to enhance natural enviroment or situation.

SFE Tip: Music videos will start to take a turn with AR, as long as the budgets suffice; its not low cost or low brow expense.

What are your thoughts on the trends?

– Trish C   xo

4 responses to “5 DIGITAL TRENDS 2018!”

  1. michael white says:

    Really great effort……Given the way the complexity of marketing and digital marketing has increased, techniques like customer journey mapping for different personas are increasing in importance to help define the most relevant communications and experiences for different touchpoints in the customer journey.

  2. Greg Biddle says:

    In virtually every form of technology, user interfaces are evolving away from fingers and thumbs and towards less tactile forms of interaction like voice and images. Users will increasingly engage with technology in more natural and instinctive ways. Technology will have to do a better job of understanding us and all of the nuance that comes with natural language. The implications for brands are tremendous.

    • rashida says:

      We concur technology is evolving and unfortunately there will be less human interaction which is a huge nanuce. Brands will have to implement Strategies that keep interaction at untilate high.

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