As we gear up to attend the Grammys 2018 in the heart of the empire state New York city.  Lets place focus on the women in music, the artist, managers, executives, directors, hair, make up and wardrobe  in the business. As women, we have to work twice as hard to maintain a point of reference, wether we negotiating drafting and implementing strategic plans to make sure each quarter our clients exceeding unwavering volumes and staying relevant to industry standards.  Be a visionary and stick to your faith and your lane,  you know you have the JUICE , it’s all in timing! Great brands, products sustain and last for over 25 years by staying true to your brand. Not recreating the cycle but becoming more acceptive to the new genre an understanding the fundamentals of the game. Underpromise and overdeliver, while sustaining true to the vision.  Our brand stems from one that has sustained and weather a lifetime i.e. “WUTANG”.  Build the cult and it will sustain itself by implementing new products, media, content and it will last forever as we say…..! To our Super Femina’s  legacy aren’t built over night, let’s salute all our female artist, executives, managers, stylist, makeup, hair, writers, directors, photographers, and bloggers let’s keep building great brands !

-Trish xo

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