Keyshia ka’oir Davis was featured in the cut, was an eye brow raiser, not only does she has a successful private own company but she embarked on lifestyle pieces that she ❤.

“I’m not a trophy wife, & I don’t ever want to be classified as that. I almost feel worthless if I don’t have a new product coming out or something new to do…I want to see other women be as independent & make as much money as their husbands”.

As we degress in this read we had to feature her on our blog. The caption, alone I’m more than a trophy inspired us. We stand for all girl and woman to be entrepreneurs, or to be a great at what you enjoy. Now there, nothing wrong with being a trophy, however to most of us over here at Super Femina. We feel it’s a breath of fresh air to know you can also be successful in your own right. However, it’s even more rewarding to find that your counterpart supports you and not intimidate by your progression. Working in the music/  entertainment industry, male dominate, with renown clients; we are all to familiar with the egos bearings. We Applauded Keyshia  Kyoir for her constituency and unwavering faith. Check out her interview here ❤

Trish xo 💋

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